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Q. Can the Mac & PC Doctors upgrade my computer?

We most certainly can! This is what we love to do. Get a computer, blast it clean (inside and out) clean the fans, replace the old thermal paste with new, upgrade the RAM (quality and quantity) and replace the spring loaded 60-year-old Hard Disk technology with Solid State Drives, and reload the software from scratch, minus any of the ‘bloatware’ that came with the Mac or PC when you first bought it – and we’re pretty sure it’ll be MUCH faster than when you bought it, let alone bought it in for repair!

Q. How does your warranty plan work?

The computers that we build ourselves under the ‘Praetorian’ brand are made of two solid blocks of aluminium, with a shock mounted Motherboard, Solid State Disk and as the chassis itself is the heat exchanger, so there are no fans, no spinning platters, and the ‘fins’ on the top and the back of the unit bleed the heat away with absolute silence. No moving parts = no noise. This is also why we guarantee our devices for 3 years, as we are confident, as nothing is moving that nothing will break. Thus far, we’ve not had a single failure! HOWEVER… We’re there to be a problem with any hardware we supply, we will exchange the component completely free of charge and will reset the clock on that guarantee – so you have another 3 years’ peace of mind. It is your responsibility to make sure you back up the contents of your Hard Disk EVERY week, be it via The Cloud or to an external device, as if a drive fails, while we make every effort to recover data, nothing is 100%/. Remember the golden rule – If you’ve only got one copy of it, it’s not important!!

Q. How long will my repair take?

We do have an express repair option, where for an extra £30.00 (components permitting) we’ll fix your machine overnight and have it ready for collection from 09:00 the next day. This is possible most of the time, primarily when it’s a software issue, a Hard Disk, or a Power Supply Unit, which are items we keep in stock. Normal repairs take 24-48 hours to complete.

Q. What if my console has more than one fault?

We don’t charge for diagnosing faults, so each quote is on a case by case basis. If your console or computer has more than one fault, we’ll isolate the components and contact you and agree a price before we before we carry out any chargeable work.

Q. Will a repair cause data loss on my device?

Possibly. We know that’s not a very helpful, but the reason for this is that we don’t know what the problem with the device is until we’ve looked at it. If it’s a Laptop or Desktop, there’s a better than even chance that we can recover all your data. If the laptop has been dropped, then it may have to be sent off to our official data recovery partner, Kroll Ontrack. Kroll are the world leaders in data recovery and are used from relatively small companies like us, to FTSE 100 blue chip companies. If it’s a USB drive, or Micro SD card, we normally use Kroll Ontrack software, before sending it to the lab, as they are less susceptible to physical damage and the success rate is much higher. Whatever the problem with your data concerns, get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the options, depending on the media type and situation.