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We offer competitive pricing and customised plans - here are some examples.

Basic Plan

Small office/Home office

£49.00/ Month

2 hours remote access support
Assistance with installed software, email support
Dedicated secure remote software access installation & setup
Printer, Server/NAS/Exchange support
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Standard Plan

Small Business

£149.99/ Month

5 hours remote access support
Remote software installation and configuration
Dedicated secure remote software access installation & setup
Printer, Server/NAS/Exchange support and additional 2 hours of telephone support
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Extended Plan

Small or medium business

£249.99/ Month

8 hours onsite or remote access support
Additional 5 hours of telephone support
Dedicated number for support
24/7 access, 3FA secure remote access, Ransomware/Malware/Virus/Zero Day Exploit support

How Pricing is Determined

Managed Services are priced as a flat fee, which we will discuss, assess and customise for your business’s estimated support costs over each month on either a 12 or 24-month contract.

Should you need additional hours than your service plan has contracted for dedicated support, be it in an emergency, for a planned upgrade or if something goes wrong with a server or NAS, we can add a set number of ‘bolt on’ hours at a discounted rate, charge a fixed fee for the job based on the engineer’s assessment, or base it on your personal assessment of the criticality of the issue.

As soon as we know what needs to be done and we provide you with an estimate or a quote, it will be, by default, whichever option is the lowest cost to you in terms of fees, and at all times all options will be explained to give you transparency and control.

For most of our customers, about 60% of the monthly cost is based on the number of employees in the organisation. The rest of the cost is comprised of network support costs and elective services.

What makes us unique among Managed Service Providers in Kent is that we don’t have fixed, ridged contracts set by actuarial tables or computer-says-no, we will make a completely customised plan for you or your business, be it PAYG or contract, or if you wish to ‘roll over’ unused support from month to month, we’re here to support you and help you thrive, not to strangle you with fees and destroy your budget or bottom line.

Phalanx-IT’s all-inclusive IT service is offered for a flat monthly fee based on the number of employees in your organisation. With us as your managed service provider, customers only pay for what they use. Our pricing is dynamic and adjusts every month to reflect actual usage. This makes our managed services pricing predictable and scalable.

We believe affordable technology is a critical business tool that should support profitability. So whether it's making sure your software is up-to-date, your data is secure, or your employees can get seamless remote access to the company server, We are constantly monitoring the health and connectivity of your system to ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

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